Rekall Dynamics RD-2020 Warning Light - RD2020

Introducing the Rekall Dynamics RD-2020 Warning Light— a sleek, state-of-the-art LED sign meticulously crafted to revolutionize critical communication and efficiency across a wide range of industries, including government, military, defense, broadcast, media, television, healthcare, and medical facilities.

Expertly engineered for outstanding performance and durability, the Rekall RD2020 Warning Sign delivers a seamless user experience, featuring customizable messaging tailored to meet your unique operational needs.

Rekall Dynamics RD-2020 Spec Sheet - Rekall RD2020

Rekall Dynamics RD-2020 Variant Sheet - Rekall RD2020

Rekall Dynamics RD-2020 Connectivity Sheet - Rekall RD2020


X-Ray In Use Light - Rekall Dynamics LED Sign

Warning Light for GE, Siemens & Quantum X-ray

This product is a possible accompaniment for various models, including GE E4502RL, GE E4502SS, and GE E4500AM. It's also a conceivable addition for a range of GE Healthcare installations like CT, Nuclear Medicine, PET, RF, Fluoroscopy, and Cath Labs. This includes both single plane and bi-plane labs, as well as GE R&F installations. Additionally, our warning light may be a suitable accessory for Siemens X-ray systems and Quantum X-ray setups as needs to be determined by your installer.

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