Radiation Area Light - Yellow ISO - Rekall Dynamics LED Sign
Radiation Area Light - Yellow ISO - Rekall Dynamics LED Sign

Radiation Area Light - Yellow ISO - Rekall Dynamics LED Sign

$187.00 USD

Introducing the Rekall Dynamics In-Use Light, a high-quality commercial fitting designed to provide reliable and durable warning signals in the demanding environments of medical facilities, healthcare centers, and hospitals. This top-of-the-line metal and polycarbonate light is trusted by healthcare professionals around the world.

Built with a molded aluminum anodized housing and IP55-rated liquid and chemical-resistant seal, this light is perfect for use in harsh hospital and healthcare environments. The LED ultra daylight active wafer matrix illumination provides clear visibility in all lighting conditions, ensuring staff and patients are warned of potential hazards.

The impact and fade-resistant, chemical-safe polycarbonate graphic panel ensures that the warning signal remains clear and visible even in the most extreme conditions. The self-contained miniaturized mains power module ensures reliable and easy installation, with an extruded illuminated front display panel that allows for easy viewing from the side.

The Rekall Dynamics In-Use Light is designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare facilities, with stainless steel fitting and assembly hardware providing high durability. It can also be supplied with optional high-security, tamper-proof fittings to prevent unauthorized removal or tampering.

Built with years of experience working with some of the world's largest healthcare organizations, this top-of-the-line warning light can be customized to your exact requirements. From input voltages to color, custom printed messages, and a range of trigger and activation modules, the Rekall Dynamics In-Use Light is the perfect solution for any medical or healthcare facility looking for reliable and customizable warning signals.


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